Our Story

Summer of 2018 our founder ,Destiny Zavala, went on a mission trip to Togo, West Africa. On this trip her eyes were opened to the beauty of children. Playing soccer, teaching English, and showing them  computer skills  was not just impactful to the children, it was also impactful to Destiny. Almost 60 % of children in Togo, West Africa do not have access to education. We want to lower that percent. We believe education brings hope and opens doors to the future. These children are future doctors, lawyers, musicians, or teachers. We want to teach these children that no dream is to small, and that education will make their dreams reality. Join us in making dreams come true, in giving these children something they truly deserve, education! You can join our mission by buying products in the shop tab, sponsoring a childs full tuition by buying the impact box, or spreading our story! 

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